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About The Global Collectors

The Global Collectors is the leading online supplier of precise museum quality animal and human skulls and skeletons replicas.

We provide the finest osteological specimens for professional educational facilities.

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Skulls and Skeletons

The Global Collectors Different Types of Human And Animal Skulls and Skeletons We Sell


Mammals are warm-blooded, typically furry animals that feed their young with milk. Most have longer, more upright legs than the sprawling limbs of reptiles, but in some mammals, one or both pairs of limbs have evolved into wings, flippers for swimming, or arms for climbing


Our species belongs to a group of mammals called primates, which includes monkeys and apes. Most have skeletons adapted to life in trees, with grasping hands and feet.

Whales and dolphins

Many mammals have adapted to life in water. The front legs of whales and dolphins have become flippers, and the hind limbs have all but disappeared. They swim by flexing their powerfully built backbone vertically


Guinea pigs, squirrels, mice, and rats are all rodents—a large group of mammals characterized by curved front teeth used for gnawing. Many also have powerful hind legs.


Birds evolved from small, feathered dinosaurs whose skeletons changed as they adapted to life in the air. Their wrist bones fused; the breastbone became a keel to support flight muscles; the tail withered to a stump; and the spine and rib cage lost much of their flexibility. To save weight and aid flight, birds have air-filled bones and no teeth.

Birds of prey

These birds have strong clawed feet with opposable hind talons (claws) for grasping prey and a sharp, hooked beak for tearing flesh


Members of the penguin family have adapted to life in the sea and lost the ability to fly. They still have the large keel and flight muscles of flying birds but use their forelimbs as flippers to “fly” through th

Pigeons and doves

Pigeons and doves include some of the strongest fliers in the bird world. Their huge keel bone supports flight muscles that make up more than a third of their body weight.


The skeletons of fish are usually delicatebecause their body weight is supported by water. Most fish move by using muscles on the side of the body to flex the backbone and tail. Instead of limbs,they have fins, which are used to steer.

Cartilaginous fish

Sharks belong to a class of fish known as cartilaginous fish because their skeletons are made not of bone but cartilage—a tough, pliable tissue also found in our ears, noses, and joints.

Bony fish

The vast majority of fish species have a skeleton hardened with calcium minerals to form bone. Most of these are ray-finned fish, with fins made of many slender bones.


Adult amphibians typically have legs and can move on land, but the young are legless, fishlike creatures that breathe with gills. Most amphibians spend part or even all of their life in water and usually lay their eggs in water.

Frogs and toads

Frogs have short, tailless bodies, powerful hind legs, and large mouths for snatching their prey

Newts and salamanders

Long, slender bodies and short legs typify these amphibians

At The Global Collectors online Store we believe in authenticity and upholding traditions. Our mission is to offer authentic skulls, skeletons and replicas while giving back to local communities.


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Museum Quality Replica

Museum quality replicas represent the finest skull recreations possible. In a tedious molding, casting and finishing process, every detail of the original real bone specimen is expertly captured and recreated including the bone texture, color and all anatomical features such as foramina and nasal concha. These replicas are so convincing that they are often mistaken for real skulls. Museum quality replicas are suitable for display, hands-on education and classroom teaching.


Teaching Quality Replica

Teaching Quality replicas are a wonderful substitute to using real skulls in your hands-on learning programs. These excellently crafted replicas are also an economical alternative to our Museum Quality replicas. While these specimens replicate all major anatomical features, small details such as foramina and nasal concha may not be present or accurate.


Natural Bone Quality A

These skulls are our most highly desired specimens. Each skull is anatomically complete and able to meet our strictest criteria in bone quality. "A" Quality specimens are as near to perfect as nature allows. Please remember that these are the actual skulls and may have minor, natural imperfections as found in all living species.


Natural Bone Quality B

Natural bone "B" Quality specimens are excellent teaching aids. Suitable for hands-on education and display, these specimens may have minor imperfections, such as chipped or missing teeth, fractures or other minor damage. In addition, "B" Quality skulls may be undamaged sub-adult specimens. If you have a particular need, please feel free to call us with your request regarding second quality specimens.


Research Quality Natural Bone

The Global Collectors is proud to offer Research Quality Natural Bone Human Skulls. Every specimen is meticulously prepared in our laboratories with great care and dignity. This attention to detail results in the highest quality human skulls available for medical research and educational needs. Each specimen, if requested, is provided with known age, gender, and race.



Recreations are cast from hand sculpted originals. This process is used when the original specimen, often a one of a kind fossil, is unavailable for casting. Every effort is taken to artistically capture all the detail of the original specimen. Recreations are suitable for display, hands-on education and classroom teaching.

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